San Rafael Dairy

Brief History

In 1994 our father Don René Guerra bought a small farm near the San Rafael village from his uncle Randolfo Hernández. Having in mind one day the children will grow, he decided to make of San Rafael a sustainable farm, with coffee, fruits, vegetables, meat and milk. The coffee prices around that time were pretty good, and he invested more and bought land from the neighbors.

13 years later, in 2007, Carlos , the firstborn, graduated from Zamorano University with a Bachelor's Degree in Food Science. Eagerly to work, Carlos applied for jobs everywhere, and got a response from Capriole Inc. a small goat dairy in southern Indiana. As an apprentice, Carlos was trained by Judith Schad, a cheese master and pioneer in the artisanal business in the US.

In 2009 Carlos came back home, right after a devastating political country situation, with the dream of making french cheeses in Honduras. The beginning was rough as Honduras doesn't have a cheese culture developed, no ingredients or equipment could be found anywhere. 

After exhaustive work to put everything together in 2010 Carlos started to make cheese commercially and the fun began.

.::Cheesemaking in Copán::.

We make our cheese  through observation and, always, through the vehicle of taste. Without taste, the rest is trivial.  We ate as much cheese--good and bad—as we could and learned the nuances that make the difference.  Building a creamery a few steps from our home was a natural extension of the kitchen.  Over the years the genetics of our closed herd of brown swiss cows, the pasture from our fields, the style of our own cheesemaking have all contributed to the special profile of cheeses. The catchwords "sustainable", "natural,"  "humane animal care", "free-farmed", and "artisan"  were the realities on which we began our farm and ones we continue to live daily. The end result is a cheese that is distinctively ours- not just in appearance but in the more relevant criterion of taste.