Bienvenido a Café San Rafael 

Casita Copan Coffee - Special Blend $5.00

Cafe San Rafael - Charity coffee
Cafe San Rafael - Casita Copan Coffee.

Casita Copan Trivia Night

Join us on September 12th:

Fun Party at the Cafe, surprises, drinks, great food and much much more. 

All funds go to Casita Copan Children's home.

Cerveza Imperial en Cafe San Rafael
Cerveza Imperial Hondureña - Cafe San Rafael

Bienvenida la Semana Santa

Tenemos tus cervezas favoritas para disfrutar con los quesos que hacemos en nuestra Hacienda, te recomendamos el queso azul, camembert, munster y provolone. Te esperamos! 


Tu contraseña para el Happy Hour es ilovecheese.

Summer is here! 

The milk our cows produce after months of eating grass imparts extraordinary flavor to late-summer cheeses, which are great with our homemade chutneys and marmalades!